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Physico-chemical Treatment being effortless and reasonable Effluent Treatment Process for Heavy Metal Removal, become most accepted Effluent Treatment Process by Metal and Metal Processing Industries. The addition of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) and Lime (CaCO3) in the Effluent Treatment Process initiates Hydroxide Precipitation and forms insoluble Heavy Metal Salts. The advantage of using Lime, being cheaper than NaOH, it also acts as Coagulant during Precipitation Process and improves Metals Reduction via Adsorption Mechanisms. However, Limegeneratesthe huge amount of the sludge. Our “Sludge Buster” limits the generation of Heavy Sludge by a minimum of 40% in the same Treatment Process with unaffected Existing Treated Effluent Quality.

Sludge Buster

Coagulants and Flocculants

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Neutralizing Chemicals:

Effluent Color Removal is the main problem for Textile Industries, due to the use of diverse chemicals in the Manufacturing Processes. Coagulation being an Economically Feasible method for Color Removal is vastly incorporated in Effluent Treatment Process. Foremost disadvantage of using Coagulation and Flocculation is Toxic Sludge Generation, leading Sludge Handling and Disposal Problems. Also, the process is unable to reduce the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). However boosted TDS levels during treatment, create troubles in Treated Water Recycling and Reuse. Our "Shudh" (Group) reduce TDS and limits generation of Toxic Sludge in the same Treatment Process with unaffected Existing Treated Effluent Quality.

Silica and Iron Salts Deposition Inhibitor

Color Removal Chemicals:


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The Conditioner specially designed for Your Reverse Osmosis Plant Membranes.

Your Industrial and Domestic Membranes will now give the Best Rejection in High Silica and Iron Loadings.

The Conditioner which restricts Membrane Scaling, and increases Membrane Life.

Best for Desalination Plants, Cooling Tower Recirculation Systems and Brackish Water Treatment.

coagulant antiscalant flocculation